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Yes. We strive to create the best software and business ecosystem in the sector. We optimize the collaboration between builders, subcontractors, distributors and manufacturers as much as possible, to improve your supply chain management on a daily basis.

Cloud software is state-of-the-art software that is hosted on the Internet rather than on your computer's hard drive or in a downloadable file. Google Drive, Netflix or even Microsoft 365 are fully in the cloud, as is Bildia.

Working in the cloud is the standard for the future, and it has many benefits:

  • You don't have to install or update anything, and you always have the latest version of our software.
  • Customer service is immediate and we can assist you in real time to answer your questions through the server.
  • You can access the software from any computer and any location, just with a username and password.
  • All your information is protected on the most secure servers in Europe.

A demo is a no-cost, no-obligation meeting with one of Bildia's construction digitalization experts, in which they will discuss how you work in your supply chain and how Bildia can help you. Based on that, our team will show you how Bildia can be adapted to your way of working, quickly and easily.  You can book a demo here.

Bildia is ideal for SMEs because it is very intuitive, visual and flexible. No large budgets, training or specific technical preparation is required to start using the software and we always accompany you in your first steps. In addition, teams using Bildia have short videos available for self-education on how to use the software.

Yes, in your private environment you can set up users with different levels of permissions and access (e.g. construction managers, study technicians, purchasing managers, etc.).

YES. We are a company based in Madrid with an international vocation. That is why, among other things, our motto is Digitalization to Build the World. Being a Spanish company has allowed us to create software that is 100% adapted to the characteristics of our market, with the potential to grow internationally.

Bildia was founded by professionals of recognized prestige in the construction industry, with experience in different countries besides Spain as well as in the digital world. Our team has the highest level of international experience and training.

For more information about our history, career path, awards and distinctions, visit our section about us

Our priority is to provide added value to our customers. That's why we dedicate a meeting to analyze the way you manage your recruitment processes and see how Bildia can improve it. Depending on the value we can provide, and the size and structure of your company, we will make you a specific proposal, with an optimal balance that will allow you a quick return on investment.

Generally speaking, the annual cost of Bildia is amortized by the savings it generates on a small project, or less.

No. Data from your private environment, such as your trusted suppliers or details of your projects, is never shared with other companies.

When you join Bildia, you will have immediate access to all the suppliers we index through our algorithms to study and qualify the market, in addition to all the suppliers active on Bildia. Our network is growing by about 100 companies a week and accelerating!

All information about your purchases, price requests or tenders is strictly private until you invite a subcontractor to bid or collaborate.

If you wish, you can choose to publish some requests so that any subcontractor in the market can analyze them and bid on them. This can help you to speed up situations or projects where you have to work in unfamiliar areas or with different premises from the usual ones, for example.

No, no additional cost to your subscription. In other words: zero costs. Bildia is a software that optimizes and centralizes supply chain processes, saving time and money for your clients. We are NOT a digital intermediary. Our ultimate goal is to be the perfect digital collaboration ecosystem between builders and their suppliers. We encourage you to schedule a demo to discover what we can do for you through digitalization.

Sí. Cuando tu empresa esté validada, verás que cada empresa tiene la información de contacto, usuario y quién ha publicado cada solicitud o licitación, siempre que ésta sea pública. También tienes un chat directo para hacer todo tipo de consultas.

As a builder, you can use Bildia in both your design and purchasing departments for all your pricing, contracting and bidding requests, improving internal collaboration between them dramatically. In Bildia you can create requests for:

  • Preliminary estimations and budgets
  • Initial works budget
  • Contracting, bidding or similar tenders
  • Contracting of work

You will be able to follow all this in real time, with full control of the progress of each process.

Yes, in fact, we have created Bildia with the way construction companies work specifically in mind. You will be surprised how fast it is to upload a BC3 or an Excel file to Bildia and start working with it.

It's easy and straightforward. The first thing we do is analyze your particular case, to see how Bildia can add value to your company. From there, to get started you will only need to perform three steps, all led by a Bildia expert:

  • Register your profile with your company data.
  • Register your users and your supplier database in your private area.
  • Select a project, upload the metrics and documents you use for contracting, and go for it!
  • Contracting of works.

By following the above steps, you can have your team running at full capacity within a week.

You will save time and money because, with Bildia, you can easily automate and centralize many of your supply chain processes. You will also have better control over contracting processes, pricing and 100% traceability of decisions made on all of your company's projects.

Depending on the structure of your company and how much you use Bildia, you will save up to 60% in the various processes related to requesting quotes, communicating with partners and suppliers, bidding, updating bid documents, analyzing, awarding and monitoring your supplier ecosystem.

On the other hand, you can save up to 12% in direct contracting costs as a result of better control of your processes, better options and a better overview of your operations.

We suggest you make a brief simulation of the value Bildia would bring to your company here

Calculate it yourself; we suggest you make a brief simulation of the value that Bildia would bring to your company here. In addition, our experts will analyze your specific case in detail and will make you a financial proposal according to your needs.

Time is money: Bildia simplifies and optimizes many of your processes, as you can see in the previous question. You can invest all that time in growing and doing more work, being more accurate in your estimates, and therefore more competitive, and also in putting your team to work on high value-added tasks, which also makes them more motivated, such as analyzing contracting processes in more detail, instead of sending emails and reminders, among many other inefficiencies in their day-to-day work.

Purchase optimization: On Bildia you will be able to make purchasing decisions faster and with data at your fingertips. This will help you buy at the best price/quality ratio for your needs.

Opportunity cost: Optimizing the above will reduce the resources you devote to preparing contract budgets and making strategic decisions that have a high opportunity cost.

Uploading your regular suppliers to your private environment takes a minute and is the basis for maximum efficiency on Bildia. It will bring you the following benefits:

All your suppliers will be able to receive directly in their email invitations to bid with a click, notifications about deadlines or changes in documents of a purchase and much more, without repeating everything a hundred times for each project.

Your suppliers do NOT need to register with Bildia to make your work much simpler. Our technology takes care of that!

You will receive information about their news, achievements and work, and learn more about their track record.

You can share your contacts internally between users in your company, for example between site managers or between your design and purchasing technicians, so that the efforts of the former can help the latter to work faster.

No; but if you want your car to take you far, it's better not to have your tank on reserve. Our team of experts can explain why it is ideal to have your supplier database in your private area of Bildia, and how easy it is to upload it.

Yes, you will be able to see all registered suppliers in addition to all suppliers that Bildia has analyzed and indexed for you, provided that your company profile has been previously validated.

Each time you launch a request, either from your research or purchasing department, the invited suppliers will receive an email with all the information they need to prepare their offer easily and without the need to sign in. Suppliers registered with Bildia will also receive a notification on Bildia, so no one misses anything. Finally, you can set up automatic reminders for your requests to make sure you receive the best offers for your needs in a timely manner.

Yes, you will normally be notified by email and on Bildia at the time you submit your request. A reminder will also be sent to you one week before and two days before the closing. If you want to customize these alerts, you can do so in your profile settings on Bildia.

At Bildia we offer a one-month exit window. As we work with each company very closely to help them get the most out of our tool quickly and easily, we work with annual contracts that are paid at the beginning of the collaboration, but your company will have one month to confirm that we meet the expected goals after which, if this is not the case, you can always choose not to continue, recovering your investment immediately.

Yes, we can integrate Bildia with any ERP on the market. If your ERP is one of the most widespread in the industry, it is likely that we have already developed the integration.. If not, we can do the integration for your company, for which we study your needs and assess the work to be done.

ZERO. All suppliers can operate with the main functionalities and bid without limits completely free of charge, without commissions.

If you are a manufacturer or distributor and want to have the Trade Center for your brand, write to and we will contact you to make a proposal that fits your needs. You will be able to highlight all your commercial information, your distributors, installers, and even sell online directly to other companies and installers on Bildia. We are the most complete and connected tool on the market.

Bildia is committed to a sound, profitable, transparent and fair trade dynamic for the sector. The digitalization and modernization of construction is only possible with this vision and it is proven to be the best way forward.

Our software optimizes and centralizes the communication and processes of budgeting, bidding and purchasing between builders and suppliers, saving a lot of time and money for all parties.

We implement the following fair competition measures:

  • All operations are strictly private between the builder and each supplier. Each supplier only has access to its own prices and not to those of its competitors.
  • The payment terms set by the builder are clearly reflected for all parties, from the beginning of each purchase.
  • Suppliers can talk directly to builders and vice versa.
  • Suppliers do not see the minimum or maximum price between bids.
  • Builders and suppliers can negotiate and define the offer in detail only once per purchase and supplier, as is natural and necessary in our sector for quality contracting.

Yes, when your company is approved, you will see that each company has the contact information, user and who has published each purchase or tender, as long as it is public. You also have a direct chat for all kinds of queries.

To get started, you will only need your basic company data (VAT number, head office, website, phone number, etc.), a user name and email address, and your company logo and image (optional). If you have the above documents, in three minutes you will be registered and in 20 minutes you will be using Bildia without problems.

Bildia is the most direct gateway to the industry's real-time marketplace. Your sales, distribution and marketing staff will have a fast and dynamic tool to communicate with builders with ongoing projects, to send bids, update and share documents, and track conversations with 100% traceability.

Yes. Through our Supplier Information Center you can upload all kinds of commercial information, such as catalogs, quickly and in an intuitive and visual environment.

To get started, you will only need your basic company data (VAT number, head office, website, phone number, etc.), a user name and email address, and your company logo and image (optional). If you have the above documents, in three minutes you will be registered and in 20 minutes you will be using Bildia without problems.

Process optimization:in addition, you will have the chance to grow and increase your income through commercial opportunities.

Sales growth: in addition, you will have the chance to grow and increase your income through commercial opportunities.

Strategic decisions: you will also save money by being able to make better business decisions.

We can help you in three ways:

  • Business opportunities: real-time view of business opportunities related to your trusted builders and your areas and regions of work.
  • Direct search:  you can also search and filter business opportunities by region, project type and size, line item, construction company and much more.
  • A specific marketplace: finally, Bildia is a specific marketplace with active companies in the sector, where you can view their progress, achievements and public works as part of your business development operations.

Completely secure. What's more, they are much safer than if you just host them on your private server. One of the advantages of working in the cloud is that we can rely on the most advanced servers in Europe, which invest much more than any construction company would normally do. In addition, they host data in the cloud for thousands of top-tier companies. At Bildia we apply different security protocols to protect our customers and users. We comply with the RGPD, our servers are located within the European Union, we are accredited and audited by Confianza Online, and our data and user sessions are encrypted according to the SSL protocol.

Yes. In your private environment you can set up users with different levels of permissions and access (e.g. construction managers, study technicians, purchasing managers, etc).

Yes, at any time. And our team can help you do it if need be.

The Online Confidence seal is a certification of transparent and responsible digital commerce. It signifies that we have passed the quality controls and respect for the current legislation on data protection and clear and direct information to our customers and users about what we do and what you can find on Bildia. We are proud to have the Online Confidence seal!

We believe it is essential to work together with all industry players for a rapid digital transition. It is important to build a new profitable, efficient and professionalized industry as quickly as possible. We will be happy to discuss possible collaborations. Write to us with your proposal at  and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Bildia is by far the most intuitive supply chain software in the construction market. We also offer an information center with short videos for your team to learn independently. However, Bildia has quite a lot of functionalities and possibilities and that is why we offer an initial training to take advantage of its full potential. In addition to this, we can offer your team as much training as you consider necessary, and tailored to your needs and objectives.

Our team strives every day to exceed the expectations of our clients and users.

  • If you are already a client:
    • You have immediate service either by phone or through our chat support functionality within Bildia, anytime Monday through Friday during business hours.
  • If you are not yet a client:
    • You can contact us during business hours by phone at +34 910 52 46 65.
    • You can write to us at for commercial issues or to for technical issues.
    • On our website you also have a real time chat where you will receive an immediate response.

Our priority is not only to solve your supply chain problems, but also to surprise you with excellent support. That is why, throughout the registration process and in your first works on Bildia, you will have very close support with a technical consultant specialized in digitalization.

¡The process will be simple and smooth, and in addition to our direct support, your team will be provided with short explanatory content for self-education in the use of Bildia, when they need it, so that you get the most out of our tool!

  • We attend to you by phone and chat immediately from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 18:00 continuously.
  • In addition, you can write us at any time through the chat of your account or to our customer service email and we will answer you within 24 hours.

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