The state-of-the-art estimations and procurement platform for construction

Automated and centralized management of estimations and procurement.

Eliminate repetitive tasks and work efficiently with your team and your suppliers.

Gain business insight using data from your procurement operations effortlessly.

Bildia is very intuitive, quick to implement and totally in the cloud!


El software para compras y licitaciones en construcción


Time saving

Automates all repetitive tasks in the supply chain


Cost saving

Better contracting decisions, with all the data and options at your fingertips



All the information on your operations, centralized and in real time

Start in just one day

  • We help you to register as a company, build users and link your supplier directory to your private domain.
  • Simple, no download or installation and accessible from any device on the web. Our team will accompany you at all times.
  • Your session data is encrypted using the SSL secure protocol.
  • Build business intelligence as you work.
  • Get 100% traceability with your suppliers and subcontractors.
  • Consult information on each project in a simple and visual way.

Create projects with just a few clicks

  • Centralize and automate all your interactions with suppliers: requests sent, offers received, reminders and real-time communication.
  • All the information of your works at your fingertips, in a single click and hosted on the most secure servers in Europe.
  • Group all the information of your projects in digital smart cards.
  • Control your purchasing and contracting for each chapter and line item of the project.
  • Open bidding and procurement processes for your projects.

Upload measures in BC3 or Excel

  • Bildia allows your team to manage purchases and suppliers for multiple works at the same time: flexible and with full traceability.
  • Gain speed in your daily management thanks to a tool that is agile, efficient and integrated with the most widespread standards in the sector.
  • Navigate easily through the chapters and lines of your project.
  • Get the information you need and focus your attention on what is important.
  • Prepare purchases and request offers from your suppliers in just a few clicks.

Manage your suppliers

  • Bildia connects to each user’s email address so you can automate and centralize the follow-up of your conversations with suppliers.
  • You can visualize all your requests for quotations, purchases and tenders and organize them according to your needs, optimizing your supply chain.
  • Communicate with your trusted companies in a fast and traceable way.
  • Assign activity categories to get answers to your inquiries.
  • Communicate with your contacts and exchange project files.

Manage your offers

  • Receive different comparative offers in real time and analyze the added value of each supplier.
  • Make the best contracting decision, with full traceability of your discussions and the documentation exchanged.
  • Standardize and analyze your suppliers’ offers in a 100% confidential manner.
  • Negotiate and award faster with a system of alerts and notifications.
  • Real-time display of price deviations for each offer.
  • Invite companies to bid. You will be able to consult all the data whenever you want.

Business intelligence

  • Bildia allows you to analyze the data of all your activity in private, to improve your business insight and boost your profitability.
  • Each operation will give you a deeper understanding of your business and your supplier ecosystem.
  • Search for the information you need. Your data is stored in your private space.
  • Use filters to organize the data and work more efficiently.
  • Use the links to access your projects, purchases and bids.

Why Bildia?

Intuitive and in the cloud

Bildia is implemented quickly, without downloading anything, and is always accessible from any connected device.

Work faster with your suppliers

Any supplier will be able to respond to your needs in a fast, simple and connected way with their email, even if they are not in Bildia.

Integrated with your email

Bildia allows each member of your team to link their email, centralizing all conversations and allowing 100% traceability.

Immediate support for whatever you need

Our priority is to solve problems. You’ll have an expert available immediately by phone or chat so you can get the most out of Bildia.

Confidential and highly secure

Bildia is designed to improve direct collaboration with your suppliers and in the research and purchasing teams within your company.

The ideal software for collaboration

Bildia is designed to improve direct collaboration with your suppliers and in the research and purchasing teams within your company.

What people say about us

“Bildia has allowed us to centralize and organize the database of suppliers and streamline the request for offers, through a very straightforward and easy-to-use platform. We continue working with its creators to further harness its potential in managing offers and purchases.”

Cristina Génova
Director at TECNO Edificación | Tecno S.A.U

Cristina Génova

“The solution for construction companies who think that managing their budgets and contracting with excel and email is not the way to go, but want to save money and be more flexible.”

“Managing the supply chain as Bildia does is as important a step in digitizing construction companies as BIM, but it’s easier, faster and with a much more direct return on investment: without the complications of expensive, complicated and slow ERPs that are not 100% designed for the industry.”

Roberto Molinos
Director of IE’s Builttech Master in Construction Technology, and CEO of Modelical.

Roberto Molinos

“Bildia is helping us a lot in organizing our suppliers and managing our studies because it has allowed us to gain an overview and reduce waiting times, response times, and analysis times. Software like Bildia enables us to streamline processes and contracting in our sector. Thank you very much.”

Alejandro Ragolta
Head of Studies at Rehbilita

Alejandro Ragolta

Bildia is in the top 3 of the most innovative companies in the construction sector in Madrid.

Bildia, in the top 20 most innovative startups in Spain. Ranking 2021

Bildia is the B2B Construction Trade Network

Bildia, the specialized construction software, is born

A leading innovation ecosystem for the sector

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